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【影片名称】:Dolly Buster - Legend of Fire

One of the hottest Dolly Buster films EVER, not least on account of the scorching scene between Dolly and Debora Coeur, which ends with Dolly fisting Debora in the ass with her hand covered by a condom (now THAT`S what I call safe sex!) while Deborah rides a cock at the same time. Her outfit is pretty hot too.
Amazingly this film appears not to be listed in EGAFD. Strange.

Anal, Straight, Fisting, Anal fisting, Double fisting, Stockings, Fetish

File information:
Resolution:  512 x 384
Format:  .avi
Duration:  90 mins.

Dolly Buster:
Katja-Nora Baumberger (nee Katerina Nora Bochn├?┬¡├?┬¿kov├?┬í, born 31 October or 23 October 1969 in Prague, Czechoslovakia), better known as Dolly Buster, is a film producer and director, actress, author, and a former porn star.

Buster has starred in hundreds of X-rated European movies and had gained a name for herself as one of the biggest in the industry.

In 2004 she attempted to obtain a seat in European parliament as candidate of a fringe Czech political party. The party got 0.71% of votes.

She appeared in the German version of I`m A Celebrity, Get Me Out Of Here!.
She currently lives with her husband in Wesel, Germany.

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